Business planning and support

With years of experience advising the local business community we have a wealth expertise for you to draw on.

Everyone knows that a successful business must plan ahead, but all too often the pressures of keeping the business going on a daily basis mean that strategic planning is not given the attention it needs. The result is often rushed judgments, over or under-capacity or missed opportunities.

Every business owner needs support from an advisor who can help them make objective decisions based on its current performance and future plans. With years of experience advising the business community we have a wealth of expertise for you to draw on.

How often do you put a little time aside to ensure that your business remains on target to achieve your plans, or maybe your plans need revision? Maybe it is time to set a vision for your business but you are not sure where to start.

At Sheards we offer a completely bespoke service to those business owners wanting to clarify their vision or wanting help in ensuring that they remain on track.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss how we could work together.

Sheards has provided all the support (and more) that I needed in going from a part-time business to a limited company with offices and staff. I feel confident that as my business continues to grow Sheards will be able to provide all the support that I need.

Gareth Irving, Director,, Ltd.
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