Amy Walker


Amy has been working in accounts, tax, bookkeeping and payroll since leaving College after A Levels in 2004. Amy joined Sheards in 2012 and took over the payroll function in 2016 when auto enrolment became a large part of the monthly tasks. Since 2016 the function has grown to include CIS returns with subcontractor statements, and The Pensions Regulator compliance. In her spare time Amy loves spending time with her family, walking on the glorious hills around Huddersfield and socialising with friends. Amy enjoys watching live music and supporting local bands.

She is also a big Disney, Marvel and Harry Potter fan her favourite characters from each being; Cinderella (believe in the fairytale), Wolverine (fierce and an outcast, Xmen Amy’s favourite world of the marvel universe), and Neville Longbottom (he holds everything together no matter what’s thrown at him).

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