Senior Accountant, Rebecca Nicholas celebrates 15 years with Sheards Accountancy!

July 2021 sees our Senior Accountant Rebecca Nicholas celebrate 15 years with us.

To celebrate, we spoke to Rebecca about her experiences over the years including her first day memories and key achievements.

  1. How did you first hear about Sheards and the vacancy you applied for?
    After finishing university I was just scrolling through pages and pages of job adverts on the internet and found the advert for Sheards.
  1. What made you apply for the vacancy? And what was the application process like?
    I had been scrolling and applying for various jobs when I came across the advert for Sheards. I shouted for my mum to “come and have a look at this” and I read the job description to her. She replied, “That sounds perfect for you!” I then sent in my application.
  1. How was the interview, who was there, were you nervous?
    I was very nervous for the interview. Whilst I'd had plenty of part time jobs, this was the first interview for a full time job. I remember sitting in reception constantly going over the names of who I was there to see and reminding myself to breathe and smile.
  1. Take your mind back to the first day at the office, how was it? Do you remember your first task or the first client work you did?
    I honestly cannot remember my first day at all! All I remember is being shown to my desk but then having to move because who I was sitting with, was out on audit! So I had to go and sit with Kevin Sanders, who I sit in an office with today!
  1. How has your job changed over the years?
    Whilst the fundamentals of my job haven't really changed, the complexity certainly has. It's quite amazing to realise sometimes how much you have developed, because you don't always see it. Especially when you are scratching your head on a specific client query!
    We've seen our roles change over the years from just preparing accounts, to doing all aspects for our clients from accounts to tax returns, company and personal, to P11d's etc. It has really allowed us to get to know our clients and understand their needs
  1. What was your title then, and now?
    I started as a trainee accountant and now I am a Senior Accountant.
  1. What has been your biggest achievement/success at Sheards?
    My biggest achievement has to be qualifying as an accountant. Due to the course I did at University, I didn't get any exemptions from the ACCA qualification. So I had to sit all 14 exams and I passed them all first time. Very proud of this as I was working full time & studying, which is not easy!
  1. How has life changed for you from when you started at Sheards, to today?
    In my personal life, my time at Sheards has seen me get married and go on to have two children. My family certainly gives me a lot to focus on outside of work & they most definitely keep me on my toes!
  1. What was your favourite part of the job in the first year you started and what is it now?
    In my first year as a trainee accountant, I came with very little experience of accountancy but I really enjoyed the challenges it threw at me. Every day I was learning something new.
    Fast forward to today and think my favourite part of my job is building client relationships. I love that I have my own portfolio of clients and I think it's a great way to work. It's great to have interaction with the same people and build relationships.
  1. What's your favourite memory of the last 15 years?
    I'm not sure there is one specific favourite! However, over the many years I've made some great friends, not only in work but out of work as well. We have some great people at Sheards and they have always been there for me.
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