Senior Accountant, Kevin Sanders celebrates 25 years with Sheards Accountancy!

The 15th of July 2021 sees our Senior Accountant Kevin Sanders celebrate 25 years in the company.

To celebrate, we spoke to Kevin about his experiences over the years including his stand out moments and key achievements.

  1. How did you first hear about Sheards and the vacancy you applied for?
    Huddersfield Examiner
  1. What made you apply for the vacancy? And what was the application process like?
    I had finished my A levels and did not want to go to university, the job role came with training so it suited me. I sent a letter, got an invite to an interview and came along
  1. How was the interview, who was there, were you nervous?
    The interview was on my 18th birthday, with Carolyn Atkinson and Richard Sheard. I have never lacked confidence in myself, so nerves were not an issue. I knew that I knew nothing about the actual job, so I just had to be me
  1. Take your mind back to the first day at the office, how was it? Do you remember your first task or the first client work you did?
    Can't remember the exact specifics, probably learning how to do a bank reconciliation: that or shredding
  1. How has your job changed over the years? What was your title then, and now?
    Started learning on small sole traders and partnerships, then moved pretty quickly to audit assistant, to then becoming audit senior and finally audit manager. Role names were Trainee Accounting Technician / Accountant / Audit Manager
  1. What has been your biggest achievement/success at Sheards?
    Passing every single AAT and ACCA exam at first attempt
  1. How has life changed for you from when you started, to today?
    I have got older and more grey hairs
  1. What was your favourite part of the job in the first year you started and what is it now?
    Payday of course!! I liked learning the role in the early stages, and now I like being a trusted first point of contact for colleagues and clients alike
  1. What's your favourite memory of the last 25 years?
    We've done a few staff socials and charity events over the years which have been great, but the first year we went to York races as a team 7 years ago was a great day out (it also coincided with my birthday weekend!)
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